Friday, October 3, 2008

Margherita Missoni + Fashion Muse.

I found nothing against Margherita Missoni. I dont understand why people or SOME people hate her so much.. would it be jealousy? i guess i am CORRECT! ... She has a great fashion sense and the reason why some people hate her is because she wears Missoni all the time (literally speaking). The reasons she wears it is because her mom owns it plus she's her moms muse so what would you expect if your mom owned a brand? Wouldn't you be the first one to wear her clothes and give her all the support she needs to succeed? Not all people have the same fashion sense, or dont like for fashion but appreciate fashion in their own point of view. We should start respecting and tolerating each other and accepting people for their good qualities and for what they are.  We all have flaws, because we create the standards. Someone once said "Envy is the art of counting the other fellows blessings instead of your own". So, for those people who love to criticize because of their jealousy. stop hating, stop doing that. You bring NO PEACE to our surroundings..  

PCE, Saree

Ps. Im glad im finally back.. i needed to post :) 

Monday, July 7, 2008

We ❤ Alexandria (genius)

Recently spotted our favorite socialite, Ally Hilfiger in many events this past month and I adore the way she dresses, here are some pictures.. 


Monday, June 30, 2008


Well guys, as you know i had a header attack, i had a header which i hated a lot, it was so poor..but for a newbie it was fine, that was better than having absolutely nothing. I am still pretty "new" with this bloggin stuff.. it is taking time but little by little, but surely I am getting used to writing down my daily happenings here. And I thought it was time for me to move and update my header so I decide to make one my "own", I am not convinced but i'll be staying with this one for a while, until I am inspired again, and forced to make another one.. I feel it was necessary for me to change my old header it was so well, not ugly, but simple and not inspiring at all..SO NOT ME.. so i decided to move on and make my own header designed by me and made by me.. I spent my whole afternoon working on it on Photoshop.. I think I did a great job so it was worth the time..

till next post. PCE Saree

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am out of school... starting vacations. I know i haven't post for a good while.. i've been really busy working, designing, and creating things... the other day i just finished my 'keleidoscopic' bag i believe i will wear it a lot.. until its broken, hopefully.. and if gets broken i will fix it and wear it anyway! 
Oh yeah.. and what do you think about the logo and name for my own brand? REDLIPSHOTSTUFF™ by Saree Elias. Ouiiis ouissss just like my blog :) 

Monday, June 9, 2008

YSL. Passed Away. 06.01.08, Paris, 71

YSL..Passed Away, Sunday June.01.2008, Paris, 71.

One of the most legendary influential fashion designer in the world died nine days ago.. in memory of Yves Saint Laurent, the nine days have passed.  RIP.. we will always remember you.. forever in our hearts.. 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Because they are a hit..

The Balenciaga Sandal - Booties with metal heel and the Marni Wedges make me go crazy.. There is something particular about these shoes that they just fit with everything.. dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans, pants.. The Tye-Die Effect looks awesome in shirts and dresses for a casual look very bohemian hippie. I love the butterfly look, of these Christian Dior 2056 vintage series sunglasses, they are so hippie! The Peace earrings is what I'm looking forward to get, I love and want every peace symbol I see! Later on i will love to post a very funky-hippie style what I describe as graphic meets hippie.

Till Later, Saree