Monday, June 30, 2008


Well guys, as you know i had a header attack, i had a header which i hated a lot, it was so poor..but for a newbie it was fine, that was better than having absolutely nothing. I am still pretty "new" with this bloggin stuff.. it is taking time but little by little, but surely I am getting used to writing down my daily happenings here. And I thought it was time for me to move and update my header so I decide to make one my "own", I am not convinced but i'll be staying with this one for a while, until I am inspired again, and forced to make another one.. I feel it was necessary for me to change my old header it was so well, not ugly, but simple and not inspiring at all..SO NOT ME.. so i decided to move on and make my own header designed by me and made by me.. I spent my whole afternoon working on it on Photoshop.. I think I did a great job so it was worth the time..

till next post. PCE Saree

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