Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Amazed of what the future brings to us, this issue is over the top.The future is here, its so incredibly near to us, IM SO EXCITED about this, since ever. I have been always passionate about the avant-garde trend, and very interested with futuristic fashion, I tend to design things that are unusual, they are attractive to futuristic people who go farther with fashion and dont have any limits for it, and it takes people with a great personality, courage and ego to wear this type of clothing, we have to appreciate their sense for fashion and admire them, because someone who wears this is someone who doesn't care what other people think/say about them, so they are so self assured, thats others just criticize them instead of admiring, so they start to envy them.
This issue has driven me off my mind, and inspiring me soo much to my future designs. 

till later lovers, Saree.

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