Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's talk about sex, but i'd rather talk about lust..

Yes, its Sex, but it isnt sex at all, its all about this strong desire for craving fashion that leads every single one of us to spend every penny left in our pockets.. we aren't guilty for this exquisite crime nor we can't judge ourselves, we cant neither judge SATC nor Carrie Bradshaw, hence we judge amazing Designers.
Yesterday I saw SATC 2, yes a little bit late, but better late than ever.. Yeah its a great style "this women" have, but hey ladies! forget about Carrie, its all about the talented genius Patricia Fields.. some could compare her with her contemporaries Zandra Rhodes, Betsey Johnson, and Vivienne Westwood but she must be identified as a godess and fashion icon in this group of outstanding successful women but credits must not be stolen from her! BRAVO PATRICIA BRAVO! 

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