Monday, October 20, 2014

A letter to my Dear Óscar.....

Dear Óscar:  

October 20, 2014. Today. One of those days where our gardens need double the water to flourish our flowers due to the fact that our "real" beauty is actually gone for a while, hopefully part of that beauty is standing within us, this legacy, you have given, the honor, the style & glamour. You, one of our most inspirefeul designers on “Earth”, though you didn’t made us feel we where on earth, most of what you granted to us ladies, was a piece of non fat calorie, I call it a piece of pure heaven, like macaroons and chocolate cake, fresh young & full of life, like some beautiful princess dream we all dreamed about wishing to be someday, and prepared to kiss those frogs that gets in our way, sooner or later. A garden full of gardenia, roses and bunches of pinks and greens, embroidery, dirndls and lace.. 

Our father Óscar, made us feel like in some kind of real fairy tale we all dreamed about when young. He just not painted us this on a picture but he mainly, in fact, created the perfect scene for us. 

Óscar is not dead, he's alive in every single piece he made us feel good in, breathe good with, and see beautiful in, every single masterpiece you created was special on its own, from practical day to day pieces to luxurious avant-garde gowns, every lady will feel honored to be the “sentation” when wearing one of your truly original arquitectural pieces.

You where the kindest of all, the best dad to all the womans out there. Thanks for creating our world such a beautiful place to dress in, and for providing a woman her most powerful & valuable weapon we have in the world, confidence.

Óscar is not dead, he will be missed but forever be alive within us in our bodies, & heart. 

May you deserve to rest in between florals, organza, lace, sequins, & layered ruffles.

RIP father of fashion, RIP Mr.Óscar de la Renta.

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